Best Butcher Knives 2023 – Top 10 Reviews

For the endurance of comfort (also termed as “feel”), it is important to choose strength and efficiently sharp precision among the best butcher knives. One should choose a suitable knife with forethought; remember that you should not get buttered up because of the brand name present on the blade!

The purpose of using a Butcher’s knife is mainly for cutting or dressing animal meats. If we look over the sector of meat processing trade, then the butcher knife is in use widely across the globe.

Because of its big size, one can easily focus, even on the difficult sections while clearing out the fats from the meat. Over the years the various designs of different butcher knives have been changed.

The knife of a typical French chef is a butcher knife derivation and is used as a knife for general utility in the kitchen. The carving knife and cleaver are other comparable sharp meat-cutting knives available.

A Butcher knife induces easy cutting and piercing over various, big and hard to cut vegetables, along with all types of animal meat. So, if you’re thinking to opt for best butcher knife sets in your kitchen, then it’s absolutely a brilliant idea, even if you’re a vegan!

Best Butcher Knives

How to Choose the Best Butcher Knives?

If you are thinking to buy a good quality butcher knife, then you must have a little knowledge about the anatomy of a conventional butcher knife. In this particular section, you are going to know about how to select the best butcher knife for your kitchen!

Anatomy of a Butcher knife

A knife can simply make our lives easy, that’s why we are advised to go for the best cutlery available. Before knowing about some excellent knives out there, it is important to know about the anatomy. Here is what a butcher knife consists.

1. Tang

A knife needs to be tougher if made up of a single piece of steel. So, it would be wise enough to choose cutlery with steel that can extend towards the handle all the way. Such knives own a tang, which is the metal portion present inside the handle.

2. Handle

Since it is an essential component of the knife that helps you in holding it to move forward with the cutting process. You must ensure that it’s comfortable while making a grip. It can be produced out of plastic, wood, wood-based component or rubber material.

3. Butt

It is the last part of the knife which is present at the end of the handle.

4. Spine

It is known as the blade’s back portion and is present at the opposite side of the cutting end. It is the blade’s thickest and the heaviest component and it is what provides the potential power in most of the cutlery.

The heavier and wider spines always have stronger blades. Since it has no sharpness, if you need more stability while cutting or slicing, you can make a small hold on this portion of the knife.

5. Blade

The type of blade can decide about what kind of purpose it can perform. It can also tell you about how many tasks it can help you to complete. Everything depends on its size, strength, and shape.

6. Point

The spine and cutting edge of a knife connect here. It is created differently, based on the knife’s use. There are points of the spear, points of the trail, points of the needle, points of the drop, etc.

7. Edge

When you chop or slice, this portion is the most to get wear and tear. Some techniques are in practice to achieve the desired angle as well as the sharpness of the blade. More importantly, you must know about how to keep the knives sharp and tidy.

8. Heel

It is the strongest part of the knife and usually requires pressure to cut hard food items, such as nuts.

9. Tip

The tip of the knife requires to be sharp to cut thin and finer slices. It can be the backbone to your mincing.

Best Butcher Knives

Different Types of Butcher Knives

By knowing about different butcher knives, you will be able to choose your suitable knife for your kitchen.

1. Traditional Butcher Knife

The traditional butcher knife has a broad blade at the curved tip. It is an excellent knife that can be used to slice, cut and also skin big animals. In today’s date, breaking knives and cimeters are very popular.

It is the most common type of butcher knife available in many professional kitchens. The common size is the smaller one, that has a length of around 7 to 8 inches. You can use it as a basic utility knife or for outdoor camping and fishing. It is one among the best butcher knives.

2. Skinning Knife

The skinning knife is essentially designed for skinning. The skinning knives used for beef, usually have a curved blade that allows comprehensive movement while cutting.

They have broad blades that are 6 inches long. They may also be used for eliminating meat from the cheek portion.

3. Breaking Knife

The breaking knife is mainly used to break the carcasses. It is useful for helping in cuts going through a carcass if you need a lengthy curved blade.

It provides a complete range of movements for cutting and helps in making a clean cut. For the majority of the tasks you require to do as a butcher, it is an excellent item.

4. Boning Knife

If you want to get gentle cuts (by a fast pass) across a bone, then of it is the perfect knife for this. It can be curved, straight, rigid, or flexible in shape. Usually, the half flexible boning knife is the best in the kitchen, as it can bend the bones and can curve around them.

While using the curved part, trimming and slicing can become very simple. ⠀Moreover, you can use it for many other secondary tasks.

5. Steak Knife

The Steak knives generally come with a very sharp and serrated edge along with a handle made up of wood. You can use it for cutting steak and many other varieties of meat.

This kind of knife can be discovered in most homes, and particularly in the United States of America, it is very common. You can chop meat fibers quite easily, along with the cutting of bones.

6. Cimeter Knife

As compared to a breaking butcher knife, the blade of the cimeter knife is very heavy and broad. The cimeter’s broad blade is very essential in the cutlery set because, during the slicing phase, it helps in keeping the cut parts compact. It also helps in obtaining a perfectly uniform slice.

7. Cleaver

A cleaver has a quite similar appearance like that of a traditional butcher knife. But the main difference between them is that the latter one has thin blades that can be an advantage for precision cutting.

Whereas, the cleaver is quite large and heavy as compared to the traditional one. It has a strong edge and it is not obligatory for it to be sharp. They serve their purpose in cutting bones and thin sinews.

Top 10 Best Butcher Knives

DENGJIA 7-Inch Stainless Steel Butcher Knife4.8
EVERPRIDE Butcher Protectors Heavy Duty BPA Free4.7
Victorinox Butcher Straight Granton Fibrox Pro Handle, 10" 4.9
Promithi Stainless Steel Chopper - Cleaver - Butcher Knife4.9
UltraSource 449221 Sanisafe Butcher Knife, 10"4.9
Global GF-27-7 inch, 16cm Heavyweight Butcher's Knife4.8
TUO Cutlery HC German Stainless Steel with Pakkawood Handle4.7
SKY LIGHT 8 inch Sharp German HC Stainless Steel Butcher Knife4.9
Ergo Chef 2021 Prodigy Series Cimeter Curved Breaking Knife & Butcher's Knife4.7
Mercer Culinary M23820BL Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife, Blue4.8

Here are the 10 best butcher knives of 2020, that can give you professional experience

1. DENGJIA 7-Inch Stainless Steel Butcher Knife

DENGJIA Knife having Chinese blade of 7 inches is the highest rated cleaver butcher knife available online. This bone and meat chopper are made up of complete hand forging and process of quenching, which is essential to make the blade highly sharp and durable for a longer period.

It has a handcrafted handle to make your grip more comfortable. The handle carries anti-slip and low effort properties to help you move forward to have safer cutting sessions.

It has a strong resistance towards abrasion and high-quality stainless steel helps to avoid corrosion along with the hardness of the material and good texture. You can rely on its good mechanical properties, as well as long durability!


  • Strong grip
  • Stainless steel edge
  • It has best sellers rank in top 100 products on Amazon
  • Anti-slip properties of handle


  • Some customers doubted about the length to be 6.8 inches

2. EVERPRIDE Butcher Protectors Heavy Duty BPA Free

EVERPRIDE butcher knife is designed to give you a long-lasting performance. There comes a two-knife set with one order of EVERPRIDE Butcher knife along with two protective covers.

The blade supports sharp cutting and provides durability for a long time. The length of the edge is about 8 inches. The grip on the handle provides superior protection.

It is the choice of professional chefs across the globe for cleaver knives.


  • Heavy-duty knife
  • High protection
  • It is among the category of best wider knives


  • Carelessness while cutting might lead to injury because of its large size

3. Victorinox Butcher Straight Granton Fibrox Pro Handle, 10″

Victorinox butcher knife is a compact and sturdy knife for your kitchen! It has a length of 10 inches, that serves best cutting experience to an expert.

Victorinox is among the world’s best-known brand for pocket knives and multi-tools, that can ensure you high product quality and durability.

It is made up of Fibrox Pro handle, manufactured in Switzerland. You can expect it to be a heavy-duty and durable knife.


  • Fibrox Pro quality handle
  • Sharp blade, that can cut all types of meet
  • It has a rank among Amazon’s Bestsellers


  • It might be extra sharp for the beginners to try

4. Promithi Stainless Steel Chopper – Cleaver – Butcher Knife

Promithi Cleaver butcher knife has a full tang, unique design and raised the handle to enhance the effort saving application of force. The blade is of stainless steel and has a length of about 210mm, along with blade width and handle length being 95mm and 210mm, respectively.

The handmade wooden handle ensures long durability and usage that can last for a longer period. This knife is 8 inches long and can easily perform your regular kitchen tasks, such as – mincing, chopping and slicing effectively.


  • Saves extra efforts
  • Presence of a full tang
  • Handmade handle made of wood
  • Multifunctional


  • Beginners can get hurt, if not used with technique

5. UltraSource 449221 Sanisafe Butcher Knife, 10″

UltraSource Butcher knife by Dexter is a heavy-duty knife for your kitchen, having a length of 10 inches and a blade of stainless steel.

The sharp blade of this knife can ensure you for getting perfect cuts and slices of your meats and vegetables. The handle provides a stronger grip than most of the similar knives available out there.


  • Heavy duty knife
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Quite useful for the beginners


  • It has no such consequences

6. Global GF-27-7 inch, 16cm Heavyweight Butcher’s Knife

Global GF-27 Butcher knife is one among the unique GF Global Series for the ones who love heavy-duty Japanese knives that weigh heavier.

The elementary material of the blade is stainless steel of high-tech CROMOVA. The edge has a sharper end, which must be kept facing towards the ground to get a sharpness for long. A long taper can make the edge stay sharper.

The handles are also made of stainless steel, dimpled and molded for a stronger and safer grip. It is highly durable and globally recognized for its performance.


  • high-tech stainless steel
  • dimpled grip of handle
  • Easy to hold


  • Handle might slip from hand because it is made up of steel

7. TUO Cutlery HC German Stainless Steel with Pakkawood Handle

The TUO Cleaver knife from the Fiery series has been on the list of world’s best knives for the kitchen. It has a handle of striking Pakka wood, with an ergonomic unique design to provide high durability and comfort.

It has a full tang and the blade is of high-carbon German steel, which provides the precision of razor-like sharpness. The reason behind the sharpness of the blade is because its hand-polished edge, which is at 18 degrees, each of the sides.

The Pakka wood present in the handle is imported from Africa and is unique for each knife of the Fiery series. The edge is tempered and highly stain resistant.


  • Comfortable grip of handle
  • Hand-polished Edge
  • Stain resistant


  • Some reviews mention about difficulty in sharpening again

8. SKY LIGHT 8 inch Sharp German HC Stainless Steel Butcher Knife

The SKY LIGHT Butcher knife has some impressive properties that can make you buy it straight to your kitchen!

It’s a versatile knife for various purposes of your kitchen. You can use it for slicing different kinds of meat, as well as chopping vegetables regularly. If you have this one right tool in your kitchen, then you are going to save a lot of time and effort regularly.

The blade shows high-quality performance, as it has HC stainless steel. It has a strong edge that can provide you corrosion and rust resistance, along with long-lasting durability.

The handle has a non-slip feature, which works in both the wet and dry conditions. You can mince anything effortlessly because of the intensively sharp edge!


  • High-quality stainless steel of HC
  • Razor sharp blade
  • Presence of a full tang


  • Weight might be more for the beginners

9. Ergo Chef 2021 Prodigy Series Cimeter Curved Breaking Knife & Butcher’s Knife

Ergo Chef Cimeter Butcher knife is best for cutting large sizes of meat along with slicing a variety of meat, turkey, roasts and a lot more.

The 12-inch Cimeter knife is heavy-duty and works well for all types of regular kitchen tasks. The blade has a full tang present inside an ergonomic handle to provide a fantastic grip. It has long durability for all the important aspects.

The blade has an edge of 18 degrees, which is stamped from cold-rolled steel to provide you with perfect slices.


  • Extreme sharp blade helps easy precision
  • Presence of a full tang


  • Beginners might get injured because of extra sharp edge

10. Mercer Culinary M23820BL Millennia 6-Inch Curved Boning Knife, Blue

Mercer Culinary Boning knife has a good ergonomic handle, which is a mixture of Polypropylene and Santoprene. You cannot lose your grip from it, because it has textured fingerprints present on the handle to provide greater slip resistance and stronger grip.

Its superior quality 6 inches long blade of Japanese steel allows you to have rapid sharpening and easy maintenance. The blade is of one-piece high carbon stainless steel that can give you sharp cuts for long.


  • Stain free Japanese Steel
  • Razor Sharp Edge
  • Protective finger guard is present


  • Finger cuts can occur because of the high sharpness

Best Butcher Knives


How often I should sharpen my knives?

Before you move to the process of sharpening, you must know about the two main types of sharpening. These are the single-edged and double-edged.

If your knife has lost its sharpness, then you can sharpen it by the help of a sharpening service or even at your own. But if you notice it getting blunt frequently, then you must replace your knife with a better one.

Moreover, you can do the process occasionally on your own by using a traditional Japanese Whetstone. But, if you want to get it done from outside, then the charges might differ according to the condition, material used in the blade and also the size of the knife.

(Read More: Best Sharpening Stones)

What should be the exact size of my butcher knife?

The size or length of a butcher knife differs according to the trend, as well as the brand. It is not obligatory to choose a particular size of the butcher knife.

There are plenty of leading brands manufacturing best butcher knives. Choose according to your grip and way of moving it.

Generally, the length of a butcher knife goes from 5 inches to 12 inches and sometimes even longer. It completely depends on your strength, size, and individual needs.

What is Full Tang?

A tang, also known as the shank, is the back part of a tool’s blade element where it extends into the main material or attaches to a handle. By their looks, by the way, they connect to a handle, and by their length with the handle, one can characterize different tang designs.

A full tang stretches to the entire length of a handle’s grip portion whereas, it is not the same case in a partial tang. A complete tang might or might not be as long as the handle itself, however, the entire length of the handle would still operate.

Can you cut bones by using a butcher knife?

Since it is a large knife and has an extensive sharpness, you can cut a lot of stuff including – tough skin, cartilage, meat, small bones, and sinew.

But some cleavers can go through the larger sized bones. As per the recommendations of experts, one must use a saw to cut the large bones, if you don’t want to chip the bone and damage the knife.

However, you can go between the bones by using a traditional butcher knife. It can help you to make deeper cuts so that you can manage to get perfect pieces.

How to use a Whetstone?

Follow the steps for successfully using a Whetstone for sharpening your knife:

  1. Place the Whetstone on your kitchen counter firmly.
  2. Sharpen one side at first by bending it around 15 to 20 degrees.
  3. Check the sharpness by carefully rubbing your thumb.
  4. Follow the same technique for the other side of the knife.
  5. Repeat the whole process on the fine side of a Whetstone.


Before using or practicing the butcher knife, it is necessary for the beginner to take care of his safety. Go through the wide range of available options and try to set your hands firmly upon one of them. If your grip holds best for a particular knife, then grab it to place it in your kitchen!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional chef who has a great practice of running a knife across various food items, or a beginner who hardly knows about how to hold a knife correctly.

What it requires is that you must build knowledge about different butcher knives and how to know to use them, to master the art of moving a butcher knife!

Follow the latest trending butcher knives available online on Amazon and get the best-reviewed products at reasonable rates. You can also move forward to buy the best butcher knife sets once you find your suitable one!

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