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The Kitchen which consists of required tools is an ‘Ideal Kitchen’. By required kitchen tools and equipment among the modern kitchen tools I mean Knives, Cups, Bowls, Spoons, cutting Boards, Microwave Oven, etc. There are a wide variety of specifications in each tool to get the required results in a kitchen and make them the best kitchen tools. One should always try to remember the kitchen tools names and always consider preferring the best kitchen tools to get the best results. For the purpose of this article, the Fillet Knife would be our main focus.

What is Fillet Knife?


Different types of knives are used for different purposes and by knives, I don’t mean Pocket Knife or Hunting Knife and most definitely not a Combat Knife instead I was mentioning Kitchen Knives. For example, we use a Chef’s knife to cut the flesh of meat, we use Cleaver knife to cut huge pieces of meat along with the bone and similarly we use a Boning Knife to cut the bones separate from the flesh of the meat. Similarly, we use a thinner and flexible version of Boning Knife which is slim, narrow, flexible and curvy to cut the bones of a meat (especially fish). This knife can also be used to remove skin and the cheekbone part of the fish meat. The knife used for this purpose is known as a “Fillet Knife or Filleting Knife”.

Usually Filleting itself means to cut off a bone from the flesh. Many of us like to eat our meat fleshy and juicy without any bones. Meanwhile, some of us become tired of removing bones from small animal meats and fish.

So Filleting the meat before cooking it is a very effective way to get the juicy and fleshy kind of meat we crave for. Today we are going to discuss these Filleting Knives regarding how to use them and which kind of fillet knife is used to remove bones from which kind of flesh. We are also going to take a look at the Best Selling Fillet Knives in the market so you won’t be having any trouble when it comes to choosing a Fillet Knife.

Appearance and Material

Like most of the other types of knives, Fillet knives are also made up of stainless steel. As they are used in moist and wet conditions most of the time, a little bit of Chromium is added to most of them while manufacturing to prevent Corrosion. In General, a fillet knife is very thin and flexible to slide easily into the flesh with a size of 2.5mm to 3.5mm on the blunt side of the knife.

Using a Fillet Knife

Basically, the use of a fillet knife is very easy. First, we take fish and wash it thoroughly. Then we cut out the cheekbone part of the fish as it is not so preferable. Then we slowly penetrate the knife into the rib part where the bones will be emerging. Now we slowly slide the knife into the meat without touching the bones and cut the meat in a sliding manner. We, therefore, can acquire a perfect piece of meat without bones.

Similarly, we cut a little part from the end part of the boneless piece of the fish that we have acquired. Then we slowly slide the knife in between the skin and the flesh part cut it in the same manner we did earlier while cutting the flesh from the bones. Now, we have a piece of meat from the fish which is ready to cook and doesn’t have any bones and skin.

Fillet Knife

Choosing an Ideal Fillet Knife

Choosing the Best kind of Fillet Knife is also very essential when it comes to filleting. Usually, fillet knives vary according to the size of the knife. Usually, these fillet knives come between sizes of 6 and a half inches to 10 or 11 inches in size. It would make the job easier if you choose the right type of fillet knife in the process of filleting the fish.

When it comes to filleting a fish, first of all, notice the type of fish. If you want to fillet species of fish like Perch, Trout, Pike, etc., it is ideal to use a Knife having a size of about 6 and a half inches to 7 inches. This will be more effective while filleting the fish. But If want to remove the bones of a larger species of fish like Salmon, Big Pike, etc., it is most likely suggested to use a fillet knife having a size of about 9 inches to 11 inches. This makes it very easy to fillet these fish without having a great effort.

To Fillet a pile of fish, it is recommended to use an Electric Fillet Knife to make the work much easier. An Electric Fillet Knife is a fillet knife having push and pull mechanism of the blade just like a Reciprocating Saw. This makes the filleting process much easier when you have a lot of fish that need to be cut.

For an all-round purpose of filleting regardless of the size of the fish and easy usability, it is best to use a knife with a size of 7 inches. The Knife of this size is said to a Standard Knife and can be used to fillet any kind of fish.

Top 10 Best Fillet Knives

Chicago Cutlery 78 SP Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife4.6
Dalstrong Phantom Series Japanese High Carbon Boning and Fillet Knife4.9
Kastking Fillet Knife4.9
Dalstrong Gladiator Series German HC Steel Fillet Knife4.9
Wusthof Pro Flex Fillet Knife4.7
Wusthof Grand Prix II 9 Inch Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath4.9
Flex Fillet Fishing Cutlery Set with Sharpening Steel4.6
Bubba Blade CCA Breaking Fillet Knife4.7
Premium Fillet Kit - 6 Knife, Glove & Storage Box4.8
Leech Lake Knives Handmade Fillet and Hunting Knife4.7

Now we will be going to discuss the best type of fillet knives available in the market for the best experience in filleting the fish and their specifications.

1. Chicago Cutlery 78 SP Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife

This Fillet Knife also serves other purposes such as Boning, Slicing, Cutting, etc. Being 7 and a half inches in size this knife has an excellent grip while using and has a high carbon blade which prevents the corrosion of the blade and helps in the cutting of the fish very effectively.

This is used and recommended by many professionals and experts. It is said to have very high efficiency while Filleting, Slicing, Boning, Cutting, etc.

It has the specifications required to fit into tight-fitting spaces while filleting the fish.

Provided with the brass rivets and full metal tang along with razor-sharp edges, this fillet knife gives the user a perfect experience of filleting the fish.

Hence, We can say that it is one of the best filleting knives available in the market and comes on the Top in our countdown.


  • Various other advantages along with filleting of fish, such as slicing, cutting, etc.
  • Excellent grip and sharp blade give the utmost and finest filleting experience.
  • Having a standard size of the blade makes this knife an Ideal Knife.
  • Easy to use and highly efficient.


  • Although being the Ideal Fillet Knife, it is difficult sometimes to cut big species of fish.
  • Doesn’t come along with a sheath. All fillet knives are highly sharp and require a sheath.

2. Dalstrong Phantom Series Japanese High Carbon Boning and Fillet Knife

This Knife comes in Second of our list due to its elegance and supreme handling while filleting a fish.

It is made up of a high carbon AUS-8 steel blade with a black handle made up of Spanish pakkawood of Japanese design and comes in a velvety black color. This Knife is of 6 and a half inches in size and not only used for filleting but also boning purpose.

Its Japanese designed d-shaped handle is exactly engineered to give you a firm grip and it’s Razor Sharp, Narrow and Flexible blade altogether gives the person who uses it a very divine experience of filleting. It is one of the most beautifully crafted knives used for filleting and boning purpose whose looks are excellent.

It comes along with a sheath which is very unique and makes this knife look way more cooler and luxurious than many other knives.


  • High carbon steel gives excellent features to the blade.
  • Used for ‘ Boning ‘ as well as ‘ Filleting ‘.
  • Being made of the pakkawood makes the handle very comfortable to hold while filleting.


  • This knife also doesn’t primarily focus on filleting purpose only as we can use it for boning purpose too
  • Being 6 and a half inches in size this knife has a little bit of disadvantage while filleting big fish.

3. Kastking Fillet Knife

This Fillet Knife consists of a razor-sharp high quality german stainless steel blade. Its high precision blade helps us to fillet fish with its optimum sharpness and naturally slides through the flesh making it easier for us to fillet the fish.

It usually comes in different sizes which are 5 inches Bait Knife, 6 inches Fillet Knife, 7 inches Fillet Knife, 9-inch Fillet Knife and 9 inches Strong Fillet Knife. All these variants are priced at the same range. So, the user can pick the type of knife he wants to suit his needs while filleting the fish and do it like a pro.

This Knife comes with a polymer handle which provides the user a non-slippery and firm grip and helps them to fillet like a pro. They are also very comfortable to use and easy to wash after getting the job done. This also comes with a stylish looking protective sheath which makes it look even more cool. Hence it comes on our Third position.


  • A very thin and sharp blade helps a lot in sliding through flesh while cutting it.
  • German stainless steel provides a great overall filleting experience.
  • Comes with a protective sheath which also looks cool by the way.
  • Availability of different sizes of knives for filleting different types of fish regardless of their size.


  • Although being made up of non-sticky polymer handle, while becoming wet it can sometimes slip away.
  • Doesn’t have a mirror finish.

4. Dalstrong Gladiator Series German HC Steel Fillet Knife

This is from the same manufacturer as the top second fillet knife in our List. Unlike the earlier ‘ Dalstrong Knife ‘ discussed on our list which was a knife that can be used as both boning and filleting Knife, This Knife is specifically designed for filleting purpose only.

This Knife is made up of high quality German stainless steel blade of size 7 inches which is very flexible and gives the person who uses it to fillet the fish an awesome experience.

It is also having a handle similar to that of the phantom series knife which came second in our list. So, it is very efficient when it comes to filleting the fish.

This Knife comes along with two sheaths one for regular use with perfect fitting and another for outdoor travel uses. Both of the sheaths make the knife look a lot cooler. Hence, This knife comes Fourth in our countdown.


  • Excellent handling while filleting a fish.
  • High-quality steel gives a lot of advantages and prevents corrosion
  • Excellent shape and flexibility which aid in filleting the fish.
  • Easy to use and can be used outdoors as well.
  • Used by most of the professional chefs all around the world.


  • Made in China so not as much durability as the ones that are made in Germany.
  • Size becomes an issue while filleting bigger fish.

5. Wusthof Pro Flex Fillet Knife

This is also one of the best selling knives in the market. Being made up rust-resistant steel and having a size of about 8 inches, This is one of the coolest fillet knives there is.

Having been made in ‘ Germany ‘ with softer stamped steel this is one of the best knife used for filleting a fish. It has an ergonomic handle and fine, flexible and sharp blade which often cuts through the flesh very easily.

It is an excellent knife with high efficiency to fillet and skin the fish like an expert. Therefore this knife comes in Fifth place of our List.


  • German Stainless steel blade which prevents corrosion and is rust-resistant.
  • Handle with an excellent grip.
  • One of the must-use product for a kitchen.
  • Contains an ergonomic poly handle.
  • Has a length of 8 inches which is not too small or not too large.


  • Doesn’t come with a protective sheath.
  • Doesn’t have a full tang blade.

6. Wusthof Grand Prix II 9 Inch Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath

These knives are also the best of the fillet knives available on the market. The pricing of the 9 inches fillet knife is a little bit high than that of the 7-inch fillet knife, But to be precise these are a great value for the money.

Being made up of a great quality high carbon stainless steel blade and engineered with precision edge technology for making it highly sharp, These knives give the user the finest feeling while filleting a fish.

The handle is made up of black polypropylene gives a superior grip to the user along with a smooth and awesome filleting experience. The 9 inches variant comes with a leather sheath and travel sharpener while the 7 inches variant comes along with a leather sheath. It is highly recommended to use them along with the leather sheath as the blade is considered as dangerous. These come in the Sixth place of our ‘ Top Ten Best Fillet Knives Countdown ‘.


  • Highly sharp and good quality blades make it easy to fillet.
  • Polypropylene handles for greater grip while filleting.
  • Excellent knife in two variants regarding size, for expert use.
  • Both the variants come along with a sheath and 9 inches variant has a travel sharpener too.


  • While wet somewhat difficult to use.
  • 7-inch variant not so effective for bigger fish.

7. Flex Fillet Fishing Cutlery Set with Sharpening Steel

This is the whole set used for filleting and is considered as a great option for Gifting and Holiday Fishing, Outdoor Adventures, etc. This set consists of a cutting board, a 10 inches Serrated Knife for cutting into fish with bones and tough skin, an 11 inches Fillet Knife, a 13 inches Fillet Knife and a Sharpening Steel tool. They come inside of a convenient case to carry them.

They are made up of high-quality stainless steel and are accompanied by polycarbonate handles for finest grip while filleting a fish. As the knives have large 11 inches and 13 inches blades they can be used to fillet any big type of fish regardless of how big the fish is.

They can be of high use while on an outdoor fishing trip to fillet a fish and no necessity to worry about the dullness of the blade as the Sharpening Steel tool is included in the set. They come to Seventh place in our countdown.


  • All the required knives in one kit.
  • A serrated knife to cut into pieces.
  • 11 inches knife for medium-sized fish and 13 inches for bigger fish
  • Sharpening tool to sharpen the knives.
  • All in one kit for filleting, travel, and adventure.


  • Not so efficient to use for beginners.

8. Bubba Blade CCA Breaking Fillet Knife

This is also one of the most elegant and flexible knives used for filleting purpose. This knife has a coating of CCA which is a titanium-based coating which is very useful in making it a non-sticky knife and prevents the corrosion of the steel extending the durability of the blade.

It usually has a size of 8-9 inches and the overall length is considered to be about 14 inches. This knife has a highly advanced handle for superior grip and comes in a stylish looking sheath. This knife comes in Eighth place on our list.


  • Titanium coated blade to prevent rusting.
  • Excellent mirror finished blade.
  • The size is 8 to 9 inches and is excellent for overall use.
  • Comes along with a stylish and attractive sheath.


  • The shape of the handle makes it not much of an ideal handle for grip.

9. Premium Fillet Kit – 6 Knife, Glove & Storage Box

This is also one of the best fillet knives available in the market for a low price. This kit comes along with a 6 inches Fillet Knife, a Glove to wear while using it and a Transparent box to keep these.

This is much more of an outdoor usable knife and very effective while filleting the fish. It looks very stylish and resembles a tactical knife in looks.

This kit comes at a very low price which is offered by no other knives in our list. It is best when going out on a Fishing Trip, Trekking and Adventure Travelling. You just pack box and you are ready to go. awesome efficiency while filleting a fish. This knife comes at Ninth place in our countdown.


  • Comes with a glove to hold the knife while filleting.
  • Good quality stainless steel knife with great looks.
  • Comes in a container box to keep the glove and knife.
  • Great to use for outdoor purposes.


  • 6 inches blade makes it somewhat difficult to fillet larger fish.
  • Doesn’t have a mirror finished blade.

10. Leech Lake Knives Handmade Fillet and Hunting Knife

Last but not least, This is one of the most beautifully crafted and handmade fillet knife which is very easy to use. It looks very beautiful and elegant that you can say it’s a ‘ Masterpiece’ .

This Knife is made up of high-quality high carbon semi-stainless steel alloy which makes the filleting process very easy and comfortable. Its tip is slightly hooked and very sharp. The blade of this knife is so sharp that it rarely needs any sharpening done to it.

It has a symbol SS which means Super Steel. It is also considered to have one of the dangerous blades so while using it is recommended that the user should proceed with caution. This is the last item in our list of ‘Top Ten Best Fillet Knives’.


  • Excellent Craftsmanship of the blade.
  • Very beautiful and looks very unique.
  • A very sharp blade cuts through the flesh very easily.
  • Hook shaped tip and a little sharp on both sides at the tip of the blade to make cuts into the fish.


  • A 7.5 inches knife which is not so ideal to cut bigger species of fish.
  • Sheath not so effective for travel use as the tip of the blade is very sharp.


What is the process of choosing an “ Ideal Fillet Knife “ with effective reason?

You can choose a ‘ Fillet Knife ‘ depending upon your requirements. Usually, Fillet knives vary from a size between 6 inches to 11 inches. A small 6-8 inches knife would be very handy to cut small fish. For Filleting of fish which are big, you might require a bigger fillet knife which varies from a size between 9-11 inches.

List out the difference between a “ Fillet Knife “ and a “ Boning Knife “?

A ‘ Boning Knife ‘ is generally a knife that is used to remove the bones off from the meat whereas a ‘ Fillet Knife ‘ is used to remove the bones and skin from delicate meat, Especially Fish.

Can you Fillet a Fish without having to use a Fillet Knife?

A fish cannot be neatly filleted without using a ‘ Fillet Knife ‘. One cannot fillet the fish without a fillet knife unless they are highly trained or highly skilled. It is rather a time-wasting stunt to not use a fillet knife while filleting a fish.

Describe the Main Advantage and Efficiency of a “ Fillet Knife “?

salmon fillet

A Fillet Knife is a very thin and flexible knife which easily cuts into the flesh of the fish meat and easily slides through cutting the fish without any difficulty. It makes the process of filleting a fish much more easier than usual.

List out the characteristics of an “ Ideal Fillet Knife “ with valid reason?

A Fine and Sharp Blade with Good Flexibility and an Excellent Handle for a good grip while filleting a fish. It should be able to easily slide into the meat and cut through it.

How do you support your answer stating that it is necessary to have a “ Fillet Knife “?

It is highly recommended to have a ” Fillet Knife “ in every kitchen in order to make filleting process easy for everyone. Almost everyone loves to eat fish without bones as bones in a fish are many in number and cause great difficulty for fish lovers to eat. So, Using a ‘ Fillet Knife ‘ anybody can easily remove the bones from a fish and enjoy the boneless fish meat.


In Today’s World, it has become easy to perform difficult tasks by using the right set of tools. Bones in a fish are vast in number and require a lot of time for the removal after cooking along with the bones. Removing the bones from the meat of fish had been a difficult task until the invention of the “ Fillet Knife ”. By the process of filleting a fish, A person can obtain a boneless piece of fish meat very easily. Removing the bones of a fish, although not an easy task can be achieved through a ‘ Fillet Knife ‘.

Choosing the right type of ‘ Fillet Knife ‘ will make this task much easier and one can achieve better results by using the right type of a fillet knife. A right type of ‘ Fillet Knife ‘ can be chosen by keeping certain characteristics in mind. They are Sharpness of the Blade, Flexibility of the Blade, Grip of the Handle while using the knife and most importantly the size of the blade. By giving importance to these characteristics, A person can choose a ‘ Best Fillet Knife ‘ which suits his requirements.

By choosing the right type of knife and practicing a little bit on how to fillet a fish, any person can achieve perfection in the process of filleting a fish. Thus, they can taste the boneless piece of meat which is very delicious and rather easy to eat without the problem of bones.

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