10 Best Nespresso Capsules 2020

Nespresso capsules are referred to as pods that are responsible for holding the Nespresso roasted ground coffee beans. The capsules come in different tastes, flavors, and intensity. They contain at most 6-8 grams of ground coffee which can yield around 110ml brewed Lungo and a standard of 40ml brewed espresso. The capsules are made from aluminum and other companies use free BPA plastics which also can be recycled.

This is one of the most acknowledged coffee capsules brand, which offers a variety of machines and capsules. It is divided into two lines which include OriginalLine and VertuoLine. It is advisable to take it to account for the two distinct lines when buying your capsules. Vertuoline machines brew both espresso and coffee while Originallines brew only espresso. Take to note that the capsules are not interchangeable in each line so you should do your research well and get your preferred coffee capsules before purchasing them.

The capsules come by different names that are depending on the websites you are in or even the store in which you are purchasing them, don’t get confused they all mean the same thing. You should also note that when you are purchasing them it’s good to understand the different types of the Nespresso flavors and the number of beans available. The Nespresso capsules are considered popular since they have tasty, deep and rich in flavors to make your coffee even more energetic and sweet.

If you are a coffee maker you should understand that most Nespresso pods are only compatible with the Originalline and not the Vertuoline coffee machines. The coffee made from these machines is extremely delicious and brew the coffee real quick, but let’s not talk about that and focus more on the Nespresso capsules

By now you should be able to understand what Nespresso Capsules/pods mean, and if you want to look for the best Nespresso coffee Capsule to buy, here are some of the factors you should consider before buying them. You should also note that when you are choosing your capsules, Nespresso offers a variety of Nespresso flavors so you have to choose which suits you best. The capsules you buy are supposed to match the kind of machine you are using and here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your Nespresso Capsule.

Best Nespresso Capsules

Things to consider when buying the best Nespresso Capsule

Cost of the Nespresso Capsule

This is one important factor you should consider and it cuts out to both the Nespresso capsule and the machine you will use to brew your coffee. You should be able to know which Capsules are more expensive depending on your pocket. The prices also differ if you are using the VertuoLine or OriginalLine.


This is important because the capsules are to be used in making and preparing drinks. The capsules are either made by aluminum or plastic which should be BPA free and they should be food-grade material with zero levels of toxins.

The Espresso Intensity

The intensity of the espresso usually ranges from one to thirteen. If you want your coffee to be strong, the intensity of the capsules should be higher.

The Flavor and Taste of the Capsules

Since the Nespresso Capsules have over 24 different coffee blends, it can be hard for you to choose the flavor and taste you prefer. If for example, you are looking for that smooth and neutral taste for you cappuccinos or latte you can go for the Ristretto Nespresso Capsule. In case you don’t like caffeine in your coffee also you can go for the Nespresso Decaffienato capsule which does not have any caffeine.

The East African and South American Coffee combination of the Ristretto is divided into six combinations. This gives the Nespresso capsules a fine balance between the strength of the acidic fruity sensation and the bitterness. These flavors include Arpeggio which is a roast of cocoa note and the American Arabicas; Roma which is a woody and sweet notes and a taste that lasts longer; Livanto which is perfectly balanced with the caramelized notes, the other Nesprossa capsule flavors are Cosi and Volute.

The shelf life of the Nespresso Capsule

This is another important point that should be taken into consideration especially when you are purchasing anything consumable. These types of capsules have a larger time range ranging from 9-11 months. This is the “best before” date. With that said you should check the dates before buying your Nespresso coffee capsule to avoid later disappointments.

The compatibility of your machine

If you are using the VertuoLine machine you should be able to know which Nespresso capsule to buy and the same happens if you have the OriginalLine. It is also stated that Nespresso capsules from VirtuoLine are not compatible with the OriginalLine and vice versa as mentioned earlier in the article. You should make sure that your machine is compatible with the Nespresso/espresso capsules you buy.


It is easy to choose a flavor of your desire if you have these particular capsules. Having a variety to choose from can be advantageous to those who don’t only need one flavor.

Those are some of the guidelines on how to choose the best Nespresso capsules of your liking. Moving on I would like to mention some of the best and most ranked Nespresso coffee capsules found in the market. Below I have listed 10 best Nespresso pods as of this year 2020.

Best Nespresso Capsules

Top 10 Best Nespresso Coffee Capsules

When choosing the best Nespresso capsules, you should put into consideration some of the two elements that are pretty much crucial and they are; whether it is OriginalLine or VirtuoLine, and the intensity levels. Also, note that the OriginalLine can only brew espresso while the VertuoLine brews both espresso and coffee.

Nespresso rates the intensity of the coffee according to a scale ranging from intensity levels of one all the through to twelve. The intensity levels do not always refer to the caffeine content but are also a combination of some factors which include; bitterness, body, and roast profile.

With that said let’s take a look at some of the best Nespresso Capsules that best suit your needs. Also, we are going to review them based on the market, and are available on market.

Nespresso Arpeggio Espresso Capsules (OriginalLine)4.5
Nespresso VertuoLine Assorted Capsules (VertuoLine)4.7
Nespresso Ristretto Capsules (OriginalLine)4.5
Nespresso Roma Capsules (OriginalLine)4.5
Nespresso Kazaar Espresso capsules (OriginalLine)4.8
Nespresso Fortissio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)4.6
Nespresso Vivalto Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)4.5
Nespresso Original Line: Dulsao Do Brazil 20 Count4.8
Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)4.5
Nespresso Decaffeinato Capsules (VertuoLine)4.7

1. Nespresso Arpeggio Espresso Capsules (OriginalLine)

This Arpeggio espresso blend is one of the best Nespresso capsules available in the market and of the Nespresso OriginalLine capsules. It has an intensity level of 9 on the Nespresso’s proprietary scale and each capsule will brew up to .86 or 1.36oz.

It is made from the Arabica coffee beans which originate from central and South America. This coffee is creamy since it has an intensity of espresso mimicking the way the Italians enjoy it.

The capsules cannot be compactible to the Nespresso VertuoLine machines and come with 50 of the capsules bundled with 5 boxes each containing ten capsules.

2. Nespresso VertuoLine Assorted Capsules (VertuoLine)

This comes in handy if you are using a virtualine machine, it comes with a total of 30 capsules each containing ten of these superb blends; Odacio, Stormio, and Melozio. This has an intensity level of 6, 7, and 8 which gives you the chance to taste a broad blend of coffee flavors.

3. Nespresso Ristretto Capsules (OriginalLine)

This is another popular Nespresso capsules ranked in the market. It comes in boxes of 5 each containing 10 capsules. The blend is made from Latin American Arabica beans and a punch of Robusta far-fetched from Brazil, Columbia, and Guatemala. This gives it an intensity level of 10. It is mostly loved because of its creamy yet bitter taste being one of the most ranked capsules in the amazon market. The Nespresso capsules are also used and are the best for the smooth and neutral-tasting in Cappuccinos and Lattes.

4. Nespresso Roma Capsules (OriginalLine)

Roma is an espresso from the OriginalLine capsule that has a light roast that is refreshing and has an intensity level of 8; it is mostly associated with darker roasts and has a distinct smokiness. The capsules are made from the Arabica beans which come from Central America. Due to the high altitude in Central America, the Roma Capsule has a pleasant and smooth taste which is appealing to its users.

5. Nespresso Kazaar Espresso capsules (OriginalLine)

Kazaar is one of the most unique and potent capsules in the entire list and the blend has an intensity level of 12, which you can choose from 0.86oz to 1.35oz. It has a sublime taste and it is the strongest espresso and rich in flavor. It is the most ranked capsule in the market.

6. Nespresso Fortissio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)

Fortissio Lungo is an OriginalLine capsule that has an intensity level of 8 and can pod up to 3.7oz. It has a rich, toasty and malty flavor with some bitterness and a smooth texture. Fortissio is made from Malabar Arabica beans which originate from Columbia Arabica beans and also from Southwest India which are roasted giving the coffee rich in flavor. It is packed in five boxes each containing 10 Capsules, it is also possible to choose a larger quantity to incase this becomes your favorite.

7. Nespresso Vivalto Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)

If you prefer to start the day with a less intense cup of coffee Vivalto Lungo capsules are a good choice since it has a mild taste and is extremely pleasant. Bundled in five boxes each having 10 capsules Vivalto has an intensity rating of 14 can make a longer brew of 110ml of espresso. The blend is made up of split-roasted Ethiopian and South American Arabica and has a smoky, woody taste that coffee lovers would enjoy.

8. Nespresso Original Line: Dulsao Do Brazil 20 Count

As the name suggests it Dulsao Do Brasil is a Brazilian blend that is made from Bourbon coffee beans, which are of high quality and are very sweet. Dulsao Brasil has an intensity of 4 and a mild sweetness which suits those who prefer a light espresso to kick start the day. This type of capsule delivers a 1.35oz of coffee and has no acidity hence no bitterness and does not leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

9. Nespresso Linizio Lungo Capsules (OriginalLine)

This Linizio Lungo Capsules blend is made from Columbia and Brazil Arabica beans which are split-roasted. The capsule has a rich and less intense taste and has a smoothness that makes it perfect for those who love light and tasty coffee. The Linizio Nespresso Capsules has an intensity level of 4 and makes a 3.7oz shot, it comes as a bundle of 5 boxes which contain 10 capsules each and can last for a month so there are fewer trips to the coffee shop.

10. Nespresso Decaffeinato Capsules (VertuoLine)

This Nespresso decaf capsule is a blend from the VertuoLine and though they offer the same taste as the caffeinated coffee, they don’t contain any caffeine. This is a good blend to coffee lovers who are sensitive to caffeine stimulation. This blend is made from Columbia and Costa Rica beans which has an intensity level of 6. There are four different Nespresso decaffeinato capsules but offer the same flavor and taste as the other coffee counterparts. They include Decaffeinato Arpeggio, Decaffeinato Intenso, Decaffeinato Volluto and Decaffeinato Vivalto Lumgo so you have a variety to choose from.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Nespresso coffee capsules

Because not all customers have the same feeling about their coffee capsules, for coffee can be used for different reasons, it can be an addiction for some, others use it as a passion and likely others use it to wake up. Whatever the reason may be coffee has its uniqueness in every one of us, so not everybody would be pleased with how you go about your coffee.

I have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of Nespresso coffee pods.


  • Time-efficient
  • Provide consistency of taste
  • Simplify the brewing process
  • Due to individual packaging, they kept fresher
  • Can be brewed individually or multi-serving


  • Some varieties are non-recyclable
  • Not identical to the classic espresso
  • High cost
  • Aren’t fresh as they seem to be
  • Some types only fit certain brands or system

Now that I have mentioned the best Nespresso coffee capsule and how to get the best I cannot wrap it up without including the frequently asked questions and the answers to them on this particular topic, below I have listed the answers to the most asked questions about Nespresso Capsules.

Best Nespresso Capsules


What are Nespresso Capsules?

These are specific pods that are used to hold roasted ground coffee beans for Nespresso and can only be used once. They contain at most 6-8 grams of ground coffee which can yield around 110ml brewed Lungo and a standard of 40ml brewed espresso. The capsules are made from aluminum and other companies use free BPA plastics.

Is Nespresso Real coffee or Instant coffee?

When comparing real coffee and instant coffee one thing to note is that instant coffee is derived from a real ground coffee brew that is dehydrated thus it is an end-product from real ground coffee beans. The amount of caffeine in instant coffee is relatively low compared to real coffee but the amount of antioxidants is about the same.

Nespresso coffee capsules don’t contain any additives, for example, milk and sugar and it is made from a 100% real ground coffee. These Capsules are also good in that they can be used for your Cappuccinos or latte shots. Also, note that the Nespresso capsules are only designed for ground coffee beans and not instant coffee

Do the Nespresso pods affect your health?

You might as well be concerned about your health on the materials used to make the capsules. No need to tense, this kind of coffee pods are made with food-grade aluminum. Since aluminum can accumulate in your body and Couse diseases, the capsules are then layered on its surface using a food-grade lacquer to avoid aluminum from mixing with your brew.

Other manufacturers make plastic capsules, and if you happen to buy them you should make sure that they are using BPA-free materials. It is said that plastics containing BPA are harmful to your health and if consumed May course brain damage and serious effects on the prostate glands, especially in infants.

Why the use of Aluminum by Nespresso?

According to well-done research by Nespresso, Aluminum has been proven to be the best and safest in preserving freshness and quality of their coffee. Aluminum is also light and is capable of preserving the freshness of the ground coffee. Aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules can also be recycled hence they are environmentally friendly.

For how long do the Nespresso capsules last?

Well, the Nespresso pods have a long shelf life that ranges from 10 to 12 months from the day they are produced. Make sure that you check for the “best before” date when purchasing and also the “expiry” and to also understand the difference between the two.

The “best before” date indicates that the coffee inside the capsules is consumable even after the provided date, provided that the seal is intact, though the capsules won’t have the same freshness and taste as before. The “expiry” on the other hand indicates the date in which the capsules cannot be used at all whether sealed or not. This simply means they are expired and not consumable.


In conclusion, we can say that the Nespresso capsules are small pods that contain the real grounded coffee beans and are packed depending on the type of coffee. The capsules are made from aluminum and other companies use BPA free plastic. The capsules do not only have one name but they all mean the same thing. Nespresso coffee capsules are available in the market and are also highly ranked since their users are happy about the coffee. We have also seen that the most ranked Nespresso Capsules are from the OriginalLine Nespresso.

It is good to note that the capsules machines highly depend on your taste and which Nespresso Capsule you are purchasing. If you haven’t tried Nespresso yet make an effort on doing so, don’t be left out. You can try visiting the local outlet and try some or you can visit your local vendor and purchase some Nespresso and enjoy it.

That is all about Nespresso coffee pods. What I have listed above will help you in choosing your preferred coffee and help you also determine whether you’ll prefer the old ways of making coffee. Make sure you understand some of the most important aspects that is; quality, convenience, variety, and, time.

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