10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2023

Take a look at the best portable induction cooktops on the market with this list and discover top of the range induction cooktops today.

Induction cooktops are fantastic additions to any kitchen – they are safer for you and your family, more energy-efficient and an affordable option for many people. Not to mention there are many different models available to suit whatever you’re looking for. Induction cooktops are great for frying, boiling, stewing and making a wide variety of dishes. Add in the fact that the cooktops we’ve chosen are portable, and you’ve got a great piece of technology that you can take with you to a number of different places.

With this list you can see our hand-picked selection of the portable induction cooktops whether you’re cooking hotpots for guests, frying food outside or wanting to try sous vide for the first time.

Best Portable Induction Cooktops

How to Choose the Best Portable Induction Cooktop

When you’re buying an induction cooktop there are lots of things you’ll want to keep in mind. In the very top induction cooktops you’ll often find these traits:

Easy to clean – A cooktop that is smooth and can be wiped down easily and quickly after cooling is ideal.

Easy to use – The buttons and controls are simple and any instructions and programs can be understood quickly.

Will heat up fast – Induction cooktops by nature are faster than other cooking methods, but even between models, there are some that cook faster.

Has a safety lock function – Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing new kitchenware and a safety lock provides extra security when using this technology.

Light-weight – A portable induction cooktop means you can pack it away easily and take it wherever you want to go.

Has different power and temperature levels – Multiple levels allow flexibility and variation in your cooking, and let you cook exactly how you like.

These are exactly the factors we’ve taken into consideration when crafting this top ten list. By comparing and contrasting items available on the market we can provide you with the best of the best, and hopefully help you find a portable induction cooktop to suit your needs.

Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops

SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop4.8
iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop4.8
Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9600LS4.7
Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9100MC4.7
SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop, 1800W Sensor Touch Multifunction Induction Burner4.6
Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop4.8
SUKIO Portable Induction Cooktop induction stove Countertop Burner, 1800W 120-Volts4.5
TIBEK BT-B20 1800 Watt Portable Induction Burner4.5
Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop E200A 4.7
Sandoo HA1865 Induction Cooktop4.7

1. SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop

This powerful induction cooktop is number 1 for a reason. It has 15 different levels in a range of 100W-1800W and temperatures of 100 °F to 460 °F meaning it heats up fast and can adapt to whatever type of cooking your doing.

Along with a child safety lock to keep your family safe, you can be sure this product will let you know exactly how to use it best with error codes built-in. The sleek glass surface means that the SUNAVO is easy to clean and even comes with a cleaning cloth so you don’t have to buy one separately.

  • Burner ring size – 7.5 in
  • Weight – 6.29 pounds
  • Cookware – All magnetic induction cookware.

Best Feature –

This speedy cooktop can boil water in just 3 minutes.


  • The SUNAVO CB-I11 comes with 24-month warranty
  • 30 seconds no pan detection
  • Easy to clean glass surface
  • One of the widest ranges of temperature and power levels


  • A little small

2. iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop

A close contender for the best portable induction cooktop at number 2 is the iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch. With 9 different power levels from 100W to 1800W and temperatures from 140 °F to 460 °F, this cooktop can be used for everything from simmering, deep-frying, searing, boiling and more.

On the safety side, this cooktop comes with a child lock and has specially designed smooth corners. In addition to a resistant glass surface, it has easy to use touch buttons for accessibility.

  • Burner ring size – 6.7 in
  • Weight – 6.93 pounds
  • Cookware – Cast iron, stainless steel, enameled cast iron cookware.

Best Feature –

A 3-hour timer is perfect for when you want to leave the cooktop unattended and make those delicious slow-cooked dishes.


  • Stylish look
  • Only 2.3 inches thick so it can be packed away easily
  • Heats up very fast
  • Overheating protection


  • Temperature settings can be a bit irregular
  • A bit noisy

3. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9600LS

This Duxtop 9600LS earns number 3 on this list because of its impressive specifications – 20 power levels and 20 temperature levels covering 100W to 1800W and 140 °F to 460 °F respectively.

On top of that, we love the 10-hour timer feature which is ideal for making tasty slow-cooked food like curries, stews, sauces and more. A child lock, rounded edges and 60-second auto-pan detection really round off this cooktop and make it one of the better ones available. It’s built to North American electrical standard so bear that in mind if you want to purchase this great product.

  • Burner ring size – 8 in
  • Weight – 7.3 pounds
  • Cookware – Magnetic cookware.

Best Feature –

This product has a whopping 83% energy efficiency making it significantly more efficient than traditional electric or gas stoves.


  • Titled touch screen for easy reading
  • A keep-warm function that works for up to 30 minutes
  • Available in silver or black
  • Heats very quickly


  • Only heats a 5 inch surface fully

4. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9100MC

Another entry for Duxtop on this portable induction cooktop list is the Duxtop 9100MC. While the range is not as large as other cooktops, 15 power levels (200W to 1800W) and 15 temperature ranges (140 °F to 460 °F) are not something to be ignored.

Again this item has a child safety lock and error detection system. Heating quickly, it  has a timer function for up to 170 minutes so you can leave things to cook steadily for a while. A tilted screen with buttons means you don’t have to bend over the pot to read it.

  • Burner ring size- Not specified, but this item requires a pan of more than 5 inches.
  • Weight – 6.78
  • Cookware – Enamelled iron, cast iron and magnetic cookware (high steel recommended).

Best Feature –

Overheat protection is built in so your food stays at the temperature you set instead of getting burnt.


  • Auto-pan detection after 60 seconds
  • Nice long cord
  • Tilted screen with buttons for easy use
  • Low and also high voltage warnings for safety


  • Works best on pans with a high steel content
  • Noisy when heating up

5. SUNAVO Portable Induction Cooktop, 1800W Sensor Touch Multifunction Induction Burner

A second entry from SUNAVO sneaks into the first half of this top 10 list. Providing fast and even cooking this cooktop has temperatures from  100 °F to 460 °F and power capabilities of 100W to 1800W. Excellent for sous vide, you can clean up the glass surface easily after if you splash any water.

The touch screen panel has a child safety lock, and error codes so you can see the problem quickly. Slightly rounded edges provide a nice look to this product as well as making it a bit safer if you bump into it.

  • Burner ring size- Not specified.
  • Weight – 6.19 pounds
  • Cookware – Magnetic cookware.

Best Feature –

It comes with an induction tester magnet that lets you see which of your pans will work.


  • ‘Boil’ and ‘Fry’ shortcut functions means you don’t have to press lots of buttons
  • Not too heavy
  • Heats very fast
  • A very efficient fan


  • It looks a little ugly

6. Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

For when you want to have more than one pan cooking at the same time we have the Duxtop 9620LS with two cooktops. As Duxtop’s third entry on this list, we love this product for all the extra use a second cooktop brings.

With Power Mode to keep food warm and Temperature Mode to steam and fry food, this tool is multi-functional. 20 levels for each mode makes sure that you can find just what you need for the food you’re cooking.

  • Burner ring size – Not specified.
  • Weight – 14.51 pounds
  • Cookware – Cast iron, iron, enameled iron, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom and other magnetic cookware.

Best Feature –

The gap between the two burner rings means that you can have two large pans comfortably.


  • A Power-Sharing feature lets both cookers heat at different temperatures
  • Very nice design
  • Program to ‘simmer’ food
  • Lasts very nicely


  • Because of the two cooktops if both sides are on full power they are limited by the energy they can get from the outlet

7. SUKIO Portable Induction Cooktop induction stove Countertop Burner, 1800W 120-Volts

This induction cooktop entry from Wiland has 8 temperature levels that can be set in 40 °F increments from 140 °F to 460 °F. 8 power levels are included in this product will take you from 300W to 1800W with ease.

We love the large touch screen buttons that allow you to use this product easily, as well as the child lock and overheating protection. With safety and efficiency precautions, this item can give you peace of mind when you’re using it, whether you’re cooking fondue, deep frying or simply frying some eggs.

  • Burner ring size – Not specified.
  • Weight – 6.84 pounds
  • Cookware – Magnetic cookware.

Best Feature –

The 3-hour timer is an excellent addition to this cooktop.


  • Two large fans to cool the induction cooker quickly
  • Very compact
  • Easy to clean the glass surface
  • Simple instructions


  • Not very sensitive to touch
  • Temperature control is too broad

8. TIBEK BT-B20 1800 Watt Portable Induction Burner

At number 8 we have this great product from TIBEK, the BT-B20. 10 power and temperature levels give you control over how you want to cook with this easy to use induction cooktop. In addition, the design is sleek, with rounded silver edges and touch screen buttons.

A child lock feature keeps you safe while using this, and the glass surface means it’s super easy to clean once it’s cooled down.

  • Burner ring size – Not specified but it works on pans from 3.9 inches.
  • Weight – 7.58 pounds
  • Cookware – All magnetic bottom cookware.

Best Feature –

Technology that heats only the diameter of the pan means you’ll waste less energy cooking.


  • 2-hour timer is perfect for serving family or friends
  • Nice design
  • Claims to heat food 40% faster than a typical kitchen stovetop


  • The lowest settings are still above the boiling point of water
  • A bug with the buttons means the level 3 is the default level when changing modes

9. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop E200A

Duxtop comes in again at number 9 with the E200A. While this item is on the heavier side, it’s 20 preset power and temperature levels make it a great choice if you want more versatility in your cooktop.

A seamless flat glass plate surface trimmed with silver edges make this product nice to look at as well as easy to clean, and the child safety lock is good protection against some accidents.

  • Burner ring size – Not specified, but cookware must be at least 5 inches.
  • Weight – 9.48 pounds
  • Cookware – Magnetic cookware only.

Best Feature –

An overheat protection feature is built into the product to make sure the temperature doesn’t ever go hotter than you want it to.


  • Stainless steel housing makes this look sleek and durable
  • Large variety of power and temperature options
  • Handy timer will let you know when times up by buzzing
  • Easy to clean


  • Condensation in the item when steaming means the pans will slowly slip off the cooktop
  • Pressing the button once will sometimes make the level jump up by three or four levels

10. Sandoo HA1865 Induction Cooktop

The Sandoo HA1865 comes in last on our list of the very top portable induction cooktops with a lightweight entry. Weighing only 4.91 pounds this cooktop is great for moving around, and its size also means it can be packed away neatly.

While it is less adaptable than others on this list with a temperature range of 120 °F to 460 °F, and power from 200W to 1800W, the Sandoo is still a strong entry. With a few noise issues, this cooktop might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a look if you want something more lightweight and portable.

  • Burner ring size – Not specified but it works on pots and pans over 4.73 inches.
  • Weight – 4.92 pounds
  • Cookware – Magnetic cookware only.

Best Feature –

8 listed safety precautions including short circuit protection and abnormal voltage warnings.


  • Will adapt its cooking style to different pot and pan sizes so only heats the area you need
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Has return time so if you remove your pan the temperature won’t reset


  • Very loud
  • Over time the plastic stickers can peel off resulting in errors
  • Uses cycling instead of reduction of power meaning food can get burnt more easily without practice

Best Portable Induction Cooktops

Common questions

How do induction cooktops work?

Induction cooktops work through electromagnetism, allowing them to heat the cookware directly instead of indirectly as with electric or gas burners. Because of all this, they are normally much more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas cooktops, not to mention that some of our suggested cooktops are designed to only heat the area of the pan.

Do I need to buy a new pan?

Depending on the type of pan you have, maybe. A great way to test if any pans you have will work on most induction cooktops is to use a magnet. If you have one, place it on the bottom of your pot and pan and see if it sticks. If it does- great the pan will most likely work, if it doesn’t stick you probably won’t be able to use that pan.

Why do induction cooktops make noise?

The induction process itself is silent but in order to keep the cooktop safe a fan is needed to cool down the machinery inside. This fan is what makes the noise (as well as whatever you’re cooking) and depending on the brand it can be a distraction for many people.


That brings us to the end of our top ten list for the best portable induction cooktops.

After taking into account key features like ease of cleaning, ease of use, how fast the cooktop heats, a child-lock function, the weight and temperature, and power levels we made this list. Maybe you liked the high-speed power of the SUNAVO CB-I11, the double action of the Duxtop 9620LS or want something more lightweight like the Sandoo HA1865. All of the options on this list are powerful, easy to use and top of the range available for portable induction cooktops at the moment. You can use these cooktops for cooking hot pot in winter, grilling meat in summer or anything else you’d like to.

We hope that this list has helped you choose a cooktop you like and that you’ve found one that suits your needs perfectly. Take a look at our other lists if you want to see our recommendations for even more kitchenware.

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