How to Avoid Splattering Oil While Frying

Cooking not only requires skills but also needs some tips that help us cook more efficiently and safely. When you fry food, oil is easy to splash out, causing skin burns and making the kitchen dirty. Today, mycookingtown will instruct you how to avoid splattering oil while frying.

Do NOT fry wet food

Cooking oil is not soluble in water, so when you drop food with water into the boiling oil, the oil will splash. Moreover, the difference in temperature of boiling water and oil will cause the oil to be splashed out when the food still contains too much water. So, you should avoid frying vegetables, freshly washed fish, or frozen food with water retention. The tip is to drain the food or use a paper towel to dry food before frying.

Choose a suitable frying pan

frying pan

A good frying pan is an important factor when you fry food. You should choose a deep pan with a high wall and a moderate surface area. By this way, you can both save the amount of cooking oil needed for frying food and prevent the cooking oil from splashing out. The pan wall that is at least 2 inches high can help prevent oil from splattering.

Add a little salt or star anise to the boiling oil

Salt can not only eliminate toxins of food but also prevent cooking oil splashing out. Likewise, star anise has the effect of creating aroma for cooking oil and limiting cooking oil from splashing. Using either of these two ingredients in the pan of boiling oil can help you avoid splattering oil. The method is to put the oil in the pan and wait for the oil boiling. Then, sprinkle a little salt (about 1/4 teaspoon) or add a star anise and fry the food.

Use a shield

When frying food, many people have a habit of closing the lid, but this will prevent your food from being crispy. A fairly safe way that is commonly used nowadays is to use an oil shield, which is appropriately designed to prevent cooking oil from splashing out during the cooking process as well as make the food crispy. Choose a shield with suitable size for your frying pan

Place the food gently and carefully in the pan

Use tongs to grab the food and put the food in the frying pan gently and carefully. Do NOT drop the food into the frying pan too hard because the boiling oil can splatter and endanger you.

Avoid frying too much food at the same time

Fry the food little by little. Avoiding frying too much food at the same time. When you add a lot of food to the pan, the oil will rise, making it very easy to splash out.

Do NOT fill more than half of the pan with oil

Never fill more than half of the pan with oil as this can spill the oil out when the food is added.

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