How to choose and cook beef

Beef is popular food because of its deliciousness and high nutritional value. However, not everyone knows how to choose beef and how to cook beef so that it is not chewy and does not lose nutrients. In the following article, mycookingtown will help you learn more about how to make beef.

How to choose delicious beef


Not only is the superior meat which contains a lot of protein, amino acids, iron, zinc, etc., beef also has a sweet and attractive flavor. Also, freshness is an important factor that determines the quality of the dish. When choosing beef, you should choose pieces that are bright red and clear, and when touched, it has good adhesion and elasticity. You should not choose pieces of beef that are stinking, pasty, pale and have round white spots between the fibers.

Basic beef cooking

For dishes such as steaks and BBQs, you need to chop large pieces of beef evenly. To do so, when you buy beef, you put the meat in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and then take it out and cut into pieces to fit. Besides, to make the beef soft, when marinating the meat, you should put in some olive oil or cooking oil. During the marinating period, put the meat in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and having no smell.

Best Steak Knives

Beef can be processed into many dishes such as grilled beef, stir-fried beef with vegetables, mixed beef salad, braised beef and stewed beef. Depending on the food and processing method, you choose the proper meat. For example, with stir-fried dishes, you should choose the type of beef fillet. When stir-fried, the meat will be soft and not be chewy. When stir-frying the beef, you should turn up the heat and not stir-fry for too long. Long stir-frying will reduce the characteristic sweetness of the beef. For grilled dishes, you should choose the fillet with a little fat because it will be tastier. For stewed dish, ribs, oxtail and beef thigh will make the dish more delicious.

How to chop beef properly

  • Frozen meat

If the dishes need sophistication, the cutting of meat is very focused. To have a good piece of beef, you should put the piece of beef in the freezer for about 45 -60 minutes, When the beef has just frozen, it will be easily cut.


Frozen meat is hard enough to cut. Do not overcook the meat. However, if meat is too hard, it may cause difficulty in preparation.

  • Thoroughly cut the meat

Not only for beef but also for pork or goat meat, determining the right time to cut the meat will make the dish more delicious. If cutting time is not correctly identified, it will make the meat tough and not delicious.

Most dishes from beef require a horizontal cut to make it easier to prepare and not to be chewy when eaten.

Things to keep in mind when cooking beef

Do not cook beef too carefully

If you prepare it too carefully, when you cook, the beef will quickly lose its nutritional content and sweetness. Beef tenderloin has quite thick skin, so it is tough and difficult to cut. Therefore, in order not to spend a lot of time processing the beef, which affects the quality of the dish, you should cut off the entire skin and only keep the meat so that the beef will be softer.

Carefully marinate the meat

Beef tenderloin, though lean, is quite soft and does not have the characteristic aroma like other parts. Therefore, if not carefully marinated, the dish will not get the taste as expected. When marinating filet meats, you should use a little sea salt to spread the surface of the meat along with crushed garlic or dried herbs to make the meat more delicious.

Do not tie the beef

Beef tenderloin is usually very tender and has no monolithic shape. However, when processing, you should not tie the beef because the thin side will be overcooked while the thicker part will not be cooked. Therefore, it is best to cut them into pieces, then tie the thick meat together. Do the same with the thin part. When cooking, you put the thick part first. Thus, the dish will be extremely perfect.

Meat should be rested when it has just been cooked

When you have just finished cooking the beef, leave it to rest for a few minutes before cutting it off. This will help keep the meat delicious, fragrant and appealing. If you cut the meat immediately after cooking it, the juices will stick to the cutting board and you will not be able to feel all the deliciousness. Moreover, that way the meat will be dry, and the flavor will be lessened.

With the proper ways of preparing beef and the considerations in the cooking process as above, you will have delicious and nutritious dishes. Good luck!

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