How to Make Cut Fruits Last Longer

Fruit after being peeled or cut often loses its flavor and nutrients. Check out the tips for making cut or peeled fruits last longer in the following article.

Lime/ lemon

green lemon

Keeping limes/lemons fresh after cutting is very simple. You just need to put lime/lemon in a plastic bag and then fasten it. Or you can simply put the cut side of the lime/lemon on the plate and add some sour vinegar to the plate. Then, you won’t need to worry about lime/lemon losing its freshness. With a few simple steps, you can rest assured your lime/lemon is still fresh and not dehydrated.

Apple/ Pear

For fruits like apples and pears, there are several ways to keep them fresh after peeling.

Wrapped with plastic wrap

Soak apples/pears into thin brine.

Soak the peeled apples/pears in warm water with a spoonful of lemon juice for 5 minutes, and then remove them.

With a few simple tips, peeled apples/ pears can keep the original color and taste.



The way to preserve papaya is similar to the way we do to pear/apple. We can keep papaya fresh with plastic wrap. You can also place the cut side of the papaya on a plate and store it in the fridge. Note that you should cut papaya horizontally to make papaya fresh longer.



Cut watermelon into pieces and put all the pieces in a plastic container. Another way of keeping watermelon fresh after cutting is similar to the way we do to papaya: cut watermelon horizontally and then put it on a plate and store in the fridge.


Pineapple is a healthy fruit and is loved by many people. A very simple way for you to keep peeled pineapple fresh is to put peeled pineapple in a sealed plastic container. By this way, you can safely use the peeled pineapple for several days without worrying about the pineapple being broken or losing the original flavor. Peeling pineapple takes a lot of time, so this tip is very useful for you because you only need to peel it once for several days.


Cut avocados are prone to discoloration or darkening when left in the air. Just a few drops of lemon juice on the avocado will help to preserve its original freshness and color.



To keep bananas from turning black, simply soak the freshly peeled bananas in lemon water. By that simple way, when peeling bananas, you will not worry about bananas turning black or losing original taste.


Squash is often quite large, so normally we can’t cook the whole squash one time. It needs to be kept fresh for later processing. The trick to keeping squash fresh is to take a piece of white paper to apply on the cut side of the squash and squeeze it tightly. With this tip, you can keep the squash fresh for 3-4 days.

Above are some tips for you to make cut fruits last longer. We hope your kitchen will always have a lot of fresh fruits!

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