How to squeeze a lemon

How to squeeze lots of lemon juice is not something that everyone knows. Normally, we only need to use a knife to cut the lemon in half, but with this method, you cannot squeeze out the juice completely, so it will be a waste. Therefore, today, Mycookingtown will show you how to squeeze the lemon juice to get the most.

Choose lemon

green lemon

Choose small and heavy lemon with plump and thin skin. Press lightly on the shell to see the oil splash.

When bringing the lemons up the nose, choose the lemons which smell a little fragrant. Do not pick the lemons which smell bad.

How to squeeze lots of lemon juice

Method 1: Squeeze the lemon slightly

To squeeze lots of lemon juice, before squeezing the lemon, gently squeeze the lemon with your fingers and roll the lime on the table several times until you feel the lemon is soft. Then, start using a lemon knife and squeeze the juice. This will help you get the most juice out of the lemon.

Method 2: Cut the lemon vertically

Usually, most of us cut the lemon horizontally to squeeze it. However, by this way, you still cannot squeeze out all the amount of lemon juice inherent. To squeeze lots of lemon juice, cut the lemon vertically and divide it into several different sections. Then, squeeze each part. You will get a greater amount of lemon juice when you halve the lemon.

Method 3: Put the lemon to the microwave

Before you squeeze the lemon, you can put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, especially when you first remove the lemon from the refrigerator. This is the method of squeezing lots of water that many people apply. However, you should pay attention not to leave the lemon in the microwave for too long.

Microwaves have many uses that we may not yet know all. Therefore, you can refer to our other articles to know more about the use of microwaves to prepare tasty dishes.

Method 4: Use a mechanical citrus juicer

If your family has a mechanical citrus juicer then you can take advantage of it to squeeze lemon juice, which is also a very effective way. Despite the small size of the lemon, you can still apply this method to quickly obtain the lemon juice you want.

Moreover, you should choose to buy a good juicer for your family to be able to make healthy fruit drinks. Therefore, you should not ignore the secret of choosing a good juicer.

So, now you know how to squeeze a lot of juice out of the lemon. Not only used as a beverage or as spice in food processing, but lemons also have many unexpected uses in everyday life.

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