Tips for Cooking Pork Perfectly

Pork is a great source of protein in our daily meals. How to process pork to make the most of nutrients and increase the deliciousness of the food is very important. Check out some pork processing tips below to improve your cooking skills!

When cleaning pork

Newly bought meat always has a lot of dirt that is a large source of bacteria. Just washing it with water cannot clean the meat thoroughly. So, the tip is using the water that you have just used to wash the rice to wash the pork.

In addition, if meat has a bit of gasoline in it, soak the meat in tea for about 30 minutes to remove the odor and rinse with water.

For grilled pork

Before putting meat in the grill, to make the meat softer and smoother, soak the meat in hot boiling water for three minutes.

When grilling meat, many people are afraid of meat being burnt so they usually turn the meat over repeatedly. You do not have to do that. Grill one side until it is well and then grill the other side. This will save time, helping the meat to be cooked more quickly.

If you broil pork in an oven, place a water bowl inside the oven. The water will be heated and evaporated, preventing the meat from being burnt and hardened.

For stewed pork

A simple tip is to add a little vinegar to the pot when you stew the meat. This makes the meat done more quickly and eliminates the bad smell of the meat.

For fried pork

To save oil when you fry meat, wait until the oil boils and then add the meat to the pan.

For stir-fried pork

For stir-fried meat to be soft and tasty, after marinating the meat, pour a little beer and then mix well. When meat is marinated with beer, the yeast will quickly break down the protein and lipid of meat to make the meat softer and significantly tastier.

For meatballs

Have you ever complained that your meatballs somehow are dry and hard? To make meatballs softer, you mix the meat with starch in the ratio of 10:1. This method can also be applied for stir-frying meat.

For braised pork

Braised pork must have both lean and fat to taste good, but sometimes you can feel tired of fatty pork. The tip is that you soak the meat in acidic water (or vinegar) for a while and then cook the meat. The meat will be easier to eat. You will not be tired of it!

Other tips:

Health experts recommend that we should not store poultry meat and seafood in the freezer for more than two days. For pork, it should not exceed five days. Storing meat in the refrigerator for too long can easily lead to the growth of bacteria and the loss of nutrients in the meat.

To save time, many people still choose the method of defrosting frozen meat at room temperature or in hot water or in a microwave. However, defrosting at room temperature makes meat rancid easily. When exposed to boiling water, the meat surface becomes hard and bacteria also grows. It is best to put the meat in the cool compartment of the fridge the night before. So, meat will retain nutrients. Note that thawed meat should not be frozen again.

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