Tips for healthy cooking – The Art of Cooking

Cooking is the word we all know and use in our daily life. We all have different meaning of cooking in our lives. For example, if you ask a mother what the meaning of cooking for her is, she may tell you that it’s her daily task, and she loves to do for her family. If you ask your aunt or your wife the same, she may answer you that for them, cooking is a tradition and also a way to express love for family and each girl should know how to cook, but these day’s boys are also very good in cooking. And if you ask a chef, he might tell you that cooking is their passion, and they love to cook.

This is the general meaning of cooking in every one’s personal life but in technical words, cooking refers to using heat to change the structure of raw food. Heat is used to transfer energy to your food. This energy makes a physical change in the shape of fats, proteins and carbohydrates present in the food and also increase the rate of chemical reaction, which takes place while cooking the food. These changes happened because heating makes food better not just make it hotter.

While cooking food, we also add some more ingredients to it, which makes it tastier and healthier.

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Why we do Cooking?

There are three basic things for a human to live a healthy life: Air, Water and Food. Food is one of the most important for good living. And for living a good life it’s important to cook food in a healthier way. So, by cooking food we can make it more digestive, add tastier flavor to it and add more nutrition to it.

Cooking helps in make food germ free and also reduce the parasites which are present in the raw vegetables which make food healthier. Cooking technique is helpful in releasing the nutrition by removing the protective layers from vegetables and makes them soother and easier to digest.

So, this could be the technical reason behind cooking. However, if we talk about the general way, food is a very important aspect in every culture and to learn cooking is a major skill.

When we cook for ourselves, we enjoy the cooking because we love to cook for ourselves when a professional does cooking, he cook by keeping in mind the taste which his customer requires and he cooks with all his passion to satisfy his customer.

And these professional cooks know how to handle all the species to make food healthy and tasty.

Rules for Healthy Cooking

There are some general rules for healthy cooking which we can use while cooking:

Use low fat while cooking

Use a small amount of oil while cooking. Use olive oil instead of oil that contains high fat. While cooking food items put them in a hot pan and spry oil instead of using the oil, firstly, it reduces the rate of oil which vegetables absorb while cooking.

Keep the nutrients

The nutrients and vitamins present in vegetables are delicate and destroy easily while cooking to minimize the loss of these nutrients does not peel vegetables very deeply or just scrub them. Boiling vegetables also reduce the nutrients so don’t boil them for so long and use water while boiling.

Less use of salt

Salt is a very important factor to add flavor into food. However, using a high amount of salt leads to some serious health issues like blood pressure. Here are some ways to reduce salt:

  • Add some lemon juice or olive oil when vegetables are cooked or at the end of cooking process. It gives the same flavor to food as salt gives.
  • Don’t add salt directly to food, firstly, tastes it and then adds accordingly.
  • Do not use covered or picked food items because some amount of salt is used while packing these products, use fresh food material.
  • Eat fewer food items, which include more salt like noodles, chips.

Use of natural herbs

Herbs include many rich vitamins and give a flavor to all types of meals. In some cases, it also replaces oil and salt. We can use herbs like garlic, ginger and coriander while cooking vegetables.

You can add the herbs in last few minutes of cooking. Using dried herb in place of fresh herbs are more beneficial because dried herbs are more powerful then fresh one.

Cook on low flame

Always cook food on low flame because it helps in preserving many nutrients, and vitamins present in food because cooking on high flame some times destroy some essential nutrients present in food items.

Ancient Cooking VS Modern Cooking

In Ancient times, people make food over fire. They used pot of mud for cooking food. They use all natural resources for cooking. People used to cook fried and roasted food and not add many spices to it.

As the time changes people keep changing the method of their cooking. Gas Stoves replace the fire and pans, steam cookers replace the mud pots.

In Modern era, new techniques of cooking is introduced. People invent Microwave and other electronic products for cooking instead of gas stoves. In modern era, people start to use non sticky pans and other products for cooking food. New recipes were introduced by people for making food items.

People start to eat more spicy food and other fast food items such as noodles, chips. They invent more cooking methods by using modern techniques, which make food more delicious and healthier.

Chef enhanced their skill in cooking by using different methods. They do not make healthier food but also make it more presentable. They start to use the different kind of green herbs, caraway seeds, mint to add flavor in the food and make it more presentable by using these herbs above the food items.

Importance of Cooking

Cooking is very important for making healthier food choices.

Cooking makes food more digestive, smooth and add some more nutrients to it and it can also make food more delicious to eat.

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