Tips for using knives safely and effectively – not everyone knows!

Knives are familiar items in the kitchen and can be used daily. However, not everyone knows how to use knives safely and how to keep them always sharp and durable. Today, mycookingtown will tell you some useful tips on how to use knives safely and effectively. 

Keep your knife sharp

sharp knife

A blunt knife is very slippery during cutting, and it takes you a lot of effort to cut something. Therefore, a sharpened knife will make your culinary work much smoother.You should sharpen your knife regularly every time you use it so that it is always sharp and not inert when you are cutting food. However, note that you should keep the sharp knives out of children’s reach. 

Hold the knife properly when cutting

When using a knife, you should allow proper distance between your fingers or palm and the blade of the knife. Care should be taken to prevent unwanted accidents.Holding the blade of the knife with the index and thumb fingers. The remaining fingers hold the handle of the knife tightly.

Do not use your palm as a cutting board

Many people have a habit of placing food on their palm when cutting, which is extremely dangerous. That is how to “invoke” the blade to hurt you.

The cutting board should be firmly fixed when you are cutting

Fixing the cutting board makes it easier for you to cut food. By doing that, you will cut the food accurately and not skewedly. That also limits the risk of cutting your hands.If the cutting board does not have a rubber foot that helps to secure the cutting board, you should place a damp cloth under the bottom of the cutting board when you are cutting food. 

Curl the fingertips when cutting

Curling your fingers and holding the food you need to cut with your fingertips is the best way to protect your loved nails and fingers.

Do not lick the knife with your tongue after cutting

After cutting fruits, cheeses or cakes, some people have the habit of licking the remainder on the blade of the knife. Remember that the knife will probably cut your tongue.

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