What is the best way to reheat pizza?

Pizza is a very popular dish and can be eaten at any time, day or night. Pizzas can be completely refrigerated, but when reheated, they are often wet, chewy or even dry. However, whether you are making your own pizza or ordering pizza late at night, you can still enjoy a tasty piece of pizza like new if you store it properly and warm it carefully. Today, Mycooking town will introduce to you some effective and time-saving ways to reheat pizza.

One thing you need to remember first is that you should not take the pizza out of the refrigerator and then put it straight into the oven. The best way is to leave the pizza out of the fridge for some minutes so that the temperature of it increases gradually.

Method 1: Reheat pizza in a large oven

Whether it’s a whole pizza or just a piece, reheating it in the oven would be a great way to have a crispy crust and a new layer of cheese.

Preheat the oven to 400 F degrees (200 C degrees). Do not put the pizza in the oven too soon, as this will make the pizza soft, not brittle. If you preheat the oven, the pizza will be tastier. Put the pizza on the baking tray and put it in the oven. If you observe that the ingredients on the pizza are not as good as they were at first, you can remove them before you put the pizza in the oven.

Bake for 15 minutes. Check the pizza regularly. When the pizza is done, the cheese is melted and fragrant; the crust looks golden brown and crunchy. Now let the pizza out of the oven and enjoy immediately!


If you have a pizza baking stone, put the pizza on it. The baking stone will distribute the heat evenly and make the crust crispier.

-For ease of cleaning, you can line the parchment paper in the baking tray before placing the pizza on the tray.

Method 2: Reheat pizza using toaster oven

This very small oven is used to heat breakfast bread. This type of oven can be used to grill some fish dishes in small quantities due to its limited capacity. You should not consider baking cakes with this type of oven.

Preheat the oven to 400 F degrees (200 C degrees) in order to make the pizza always crispy on the bottom and cheese melt on top.

Put the slices of pizza onto the rack and then in the oven. This oven is small, so it is suitable for two pieces of pizza.

Bake the pieces of pizza for 10 minutes. When the cheese on the surface of the pizza melts, then it is done.

Note: The toaster oven is quite small, so this method is only suitable when you bake pizza for one person.

Method 3: Reheat pizza in a pan

Preheat the pan on medium heat. This will make the pizza crunchy.

Put the pizza into the pan, cover the pan. This will help the cheese on the surface to melt. Covering the pan is also a way to keep the surface of the pizza evenly hot and the crust crispy.

Cook until the cheese on the pizza melts. After 5 minutes, check to see if the cheese has melted and the crust hast turned golden. If the cheese melts and the crust gets wet, remove the cover of the pan and then cook for a few minutes before turning off the heat.


Mark Bello, founder of Casa Pizza School, suggested using aluminum foil to cover the pizza (not the cover of the pan), to preserve the original texture of the pizza.

Method 4: Reheat the pizza in the microwave

Reheating pizza in the microwave is not an optimal method because the pizza will be slightly moist and not as brittle as the pizza reheated using the above methods. However, if you are in a hurry, maybe this will be the best way to heat the pizza. To keep the best texture of the pizza possible, line the paper towel between the plate and the pizza and turn on the microwave at 50% capacity. Reheating pizza in a microwave takes only 1-2 minutes.

To prevent the crust from getting wet when reheating then pizza in the microwave, try putting a half-full glass of water next to the pizza. The water will absorb some of the microwaves surrounding the pizza, making it evenly hot.


Do not put the entire pizza box in the microwave. If you do so, not only will the pizza smell like cardboard, but there is also a risk of fire. Moreover, cardboard boxes and their colors can release toxic chemicals into the food.

A tip when you reheat pizza:

Consider putting a slice of diced tomatoes, basil leaves, mushrooms and other fresh vegetables on the pizza surface before reheating it. You can also sprinkle some olive oil on top of the pizza or add some cheese.

Some tips for storing pizza

Put paper towels on a plate or sealed container (plastic box)

If you take a little extra time to store the pizza, the leftover piece will be fresher, and the texture will be nearly the same as before. Start by spreading a layer of paper towel on the bottom of the plastic box large enough for 1-2 pieces of pizza.

Usually, you just want to put the whole box of pizza in the fridge quickly, but this can cause the pizza to get wet. Moisture from tomato sauce, vegetables and meat will soak into the crust, making it difficult to keep the perfect texture, no matter how you reheat the pizza.

You can also use aluminum foil or parchment paper instead of paper towels if available.

If you are planning to freeze pizza in advance, it is best to use a sealed container instead of a plate.

Note: Are you in a hurry? Let the pizza cool to room temperature, then place the pieces in a zippered plastic bag. The pizza may be a little drier than when stored with layers of paper towels, but still fresher than when you put the whole box in the refrigerator.

Arrange the pizza on the plate (or sealed container) with layers of paper towels lined between each piece of pizza

If you still have a lot of pieces of pizza left and can’t put all of them in a single layer, you can stack the pieces of pizza on top of each other, alternating between layers of paper towels until the pieces run out.

If necessary, arrange the pieces into multiple plates or sealed containers.

Cover the plate with food wrap or cover the plastic box with a lid

When you have finished arranging the pizza pieces into a plate or a box, wrap them carefully. The pizza will retain its freshness if carefully sealed because the air does not get in.

Store the pizza in the fridge if you’re going to eat it within 3-5 days

Pizzas in the refrigerator are usually stored for up to 5 days without being spoilt or the texture changed. However, the pizza does not last long in the fridge, so store it this way if you are going to eat it within a few days. If you have not eaten it until the third day, freeze it or throw it away.

Store the pizza in the freezer compartment to keep it fresh for up to 6 months

Frozen pizzas can be stored for about 6 months, so this is an optimal option if you have a lot of pizza and do not plan to eat within a few days. If you have previously left the pizza on a plate, switch to a container with a tight-fitting lid, but remember to put paper towels between the layers of the pieces of pizza. Defrost the pizza for about one hour on the kitchen counter before reheating it for the best results.

Tip: If you buy frozen pizza, the pizza usually lasts up to one year. However, this type of pizza is quickly frozen and made to last longer. For your safety, you should only freeze your leftover pizza for 6 months.

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